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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

This is the very definition of stupidity

Federal Labor Leader Mark Latham will face critical scrutiny from caucus colleagues during the final three parliamentary sitting weeks of the year, with some predicting he could be replaced soon after Christmas.

Many Labor MPs are dissatisfied with Mr Latham's campaign performance and believe he lacks the experience to lead the party to victory at the next election.

Former leader Kim Beazley, who twice failed to win the Labor leadership last year and lost the 1998 and 2001 elections, is again being talked about as a possible leader.

No. Just no.

I was thinking of joining the ALP, but if they're going to replace Latham with bloody Beazley, then there's no way in hell that's going to happen.

What are they thinking? They didn't lose the election because of Latham. They lost because people were scared of interest rates and terrorism. They need better advertising and to dump people like Beazley from their office.

Under Beazley, the party was Liberal lite. When they lost in 2001, I wasn't even upset. Beazley is the worst opposition leader ever. He never opposes the Government.

Mark has drive. He's got energy. I know a number of young people who are really excited about him. He's got that oomph they need, he's got a lot of good ideas, and he's willing to be blunt. I think he'll be a great Prime Minister. We don't need a wussy "Hooray to what the Government say" leading the opposition.

Please quit Parliament Kim, so we don't have the threat of you becoming Opposition leader looming around. Actually, why don't you join the Liberal party, as you clearly love their policies.


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