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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Ian Thorpe will now never read this blog

Ian Thorpe hasn't read his new biography. According to the Age, he refuses to read anything written about him. That's...odd. I could understand not wanting to read articles or interviews, especially if you're prone to making a fool of yourself, but to not read your own biography? He comes off a little arrogant. If I bought his book** I'd be mightily pissed off that not only did he not have a hand in it, he didn't even give it a look over. How long would it take to read the book anyway?

Since this is a political blog, I'll add that one of the revelations in the book is that he briefly dated Chelsea Clinton. I'm ashamed that I spent a tiny bit trying to work out if that was an indication of his political leanings. I say not. The image of many famous Australian sports people speaking out against Howard will have to remain one of my fantasies.

** Which I wouldn't, as overrated sporting types bore me senseless.


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