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Saturday, October 30, 2004

The Third Annual Worldwide Press Freedom Index has found Australia to be ranked 41st in terms of press freedoms.

41st! Forty.First. We are behind Bosnia and Herzegovina, South Africa, El Salvador, Israel (Israeli territory), and the United States. I think we may be the lowest ranked western nation, depending on your definition of 'western'.

I find this appaling. As I've said before, only The Canberra Times had the guts to call for Howard to leave. The Sunday Age and The Sydney Morning Herald both did wishy-washy "It's up to you!" editorials, while The Age had a pro-Latham editorial which was overruled at the last minute.

As bad as it is, at least there are some newspapers that still dare to critisize the government. I'm deathly scared of the planned deregulation of the media ownership laws. Could this be the end of The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald as we know it? If they both become Howard-fawning suckjobs like the NewsCorp papers (only with bigger words), I'll cry.


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