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Saturday, October 30, 2004

The Third Annual Worldwide Press Freedom Index has found Australia to be ranked 41st in terms of press freedoms.

41st! Forty.First. We are behind Bosnia and Herzegovina, South Africa, El Salvador, Israel (Israeli territory), and the United States. I think we may be the lowest ranked western nation, depending on your definition of 'western'.

I find this appaling. As I've said before, only The Canberra Times had the guts to call for Howard to leave. The Sunday Age and The Sydney Morning Herald both did wishy-washy "It's up to you!" editorials, while The Age had a pro-Latham editorial which was overruled at the last minute.

As bad as it is, at least there are some newspapers that still dare to critisize the government. I'm deathly scared of the planned deregulation of the media ownership laws. Could this be the end of The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald as we know it? If they both become Howard-fawning suckjobs like the NewsCorp papers (only with bigger words), I'll cry.

Thursday, October 28, 2004


The Liberals have control of The Senate.




We're all screwed.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

This cartoon says it all.

What do *I* do now?

  1. Join a political party

    I've been tempted to get involved. At least if I'm doing something, I might feel a bit better. The trouble is that I can't decide which party. I agree with nearly all of The Greens policies, and Bob Brown is a bit of a hero of mine. But....as great as they are, really the only outcome I will ever even remotely be able to see is 15% of preferences and a balance of power. Then there's the ALP. I have strong issues with their stance on refugees, and really don't like their links with unions. On the other hand, how are we ever meant to change the political scene if we're not involved? If they keep Latham on, it's an option. The second they drop him, I will be out of there. He's won me over. I think he's a good strong charismatic leader.

    Then again, I could always join the Liberal party and bring them down from the inside *Grins*. ***

  2. Ask the Liberal voters I know to help

    "Hi, I really need to go to the doctors but I can't afford it since the party you voted for screwed up Medicare. Could you help out?"

    "Damn, I'm having a bit of trouble with my University fees. You wouldn't want me to have to drop out, would you? I've been studying really hard and this degree will help me get a job. You did vote for the Liberals, who caused all these fees"

    "Wahhh! Work is so stressful now that those new Industrial Relations laws have been bought in. Don't want to make you feel bad, but you voted for the Liberals, who have made my worklife a living hell. A back massage would be nice"

  3. Start the "The economy is failing and it's all the Liberals' fault" party.
  4. According to this, interest rates are going to go up, and we will have a recession. While that's bad news, we know that all Australians really care about is their money. And how better to ensure the Liberals enjoy a nice spell in Opposition than to remind them that their precious Peter Costello caused a nasty recession and interest rate rise? It would be very delicious. I would be willing to dress up as an Interest Rate and walk around the Bourke Street Mall. I've got three years to plan this.

  5. 4. Move to Canada
  6. It's an example of what Australia should be. Plus: it's colder. Whee!

    *** For the record, I do not condone sneaky tricks like this. I'm sure there are many nice people in the Liberal party. It's a pity none of them will ever run for parliament.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

What went wrong?

Why did the Australian people decide they wanted a corrupt lying scumbag?

  • *Latham's image. People are still wary of him.
  • *Only one newspaper in the whole country (thank you Canberra Times) supported Latham. Two sat on the fence. The rest all went for Howard. And people say there isn't a biased media.
  • *INTEREST RATES. Labor should have focused their own campaign on this. Most people associate the Liberals with good economic management. Why didn't the ALP do their best to show how this isn't true? Think about it. If you think all politicians are corrupt, which many people do, you'd probably be more impressed with the one that offered better financial credentials. These people probably assumed that Latham would do all the horrible things Howard has done. These same people are very worried about finances. The financial scare tactics of the Liberal Party worked.
  • *Focusing on Costello becoming PM. What a stupid ad campaign. I'd rather have Costello than Howard. Besides, haven't the ALP been saying this for a while? Didn't they say it last election campaign? Personally, I think Howard's going to be in power until he dies.
  • *The terrorism factor. People get scared, they go for what is safe. The ALP should have focused on the government's quite poor record on Terrorism (Could somebody please tell me this: Why do Bush and Howard get lauded for stopping terrorism, when huge acts of terrorism happened on their watch? There's so much proof that Bush had been warned about a major terrorist attack happening. President Gore and Prime Minister Beazley would have been fighting terrorism just as hard.
  • *The stupid forest policy. Badly explained, badly timed.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

It's not that hard

Just 1095 days.

Four of them have passed already.

It will get easier. It will.

Today, it feels like hell. A never ending stretch of Howard and his evil ways.

It can't last forever. By God, I'm going to make sure it only lasts another 1095 days.